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Safer driving for your loved ones!

NDDTSEA and LifeSaver join forces to prevent distracted driving in North Dakota, with the LifeSaver Mobile App.

Do you have a teen driver in your family? LifeSaver removes the dangers caused by texting and driving.

  • LifeSaver runs in the background, automatically locks the phone when the vehicle starts moving and unlocks the phone when the vehicle comes to a stop.
  • LifeSaver also provides for driver monitoring and rewards safe driving behavior with popular gift cards.
  • LifeSaver prevents crashes—and a $100 fine for texting while driving in North Dakota. Drivers under 18 are barred from using all personal wireless communications, even hands-free.

Distracted driving prevention is part of driver education and traffic safety programs in North Dakota. LifeSaver is one step toward safer drivers who are focused on the road with their hands on the wheel.

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Keeping loved ones safer has never been simpler.

The LifeSaver App on the phones of those you love ensures they’ll be safer on the road (and that you’ll rest easier while they’re away from home).

Simple to set up
Easy to use. Installs in seconds and does not interfere with normal smart phone functions.
Safe and secure
Allows Loved One to set guidelines and monitor behavior.
Notifies when unlocked
Sends text message notifications to Loved One if the Driver unlocks LifeSaver while driving.
Rewards the right behavior
Drivers can earn free rewards such as iTunes for safe driving behavior.
Our patent-pending technology
LifeSaver innovates with Smart GPS Consumption and Accelerometer-based driving detection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LifeSaver’s mission?
Our mission is to end the epidemic of Distracted Driving and related fatalities and injuries. We want Drivers to make a behavioral change and stop using cell phones while driving. Though our simple to use innovative Driver Portal you can now invite your drivers to install LifeSaver directly and soon after know three important facts; Does my driver have the app installed and running? Is my driver unlocking LifeSaver when driving? Is my Driver arriving at there destination.
How does LifeSaver work?
LifeSaver uses some GPS and several other battery saving technologies to lock the driver’s smartphone while the car is in motion. LifeSaver stays quiet running in the phone’s background and is transparent to the driver when not driving.
Why is LifeSaver better than other Distracted Driving Solutions?
Drivers need help to break their distracted driving habit, and using LifeSaver, the driver’s loved one (typically a parent or spouse) finally has the tools to help make this happen. Once installed, the loved one can easily monitor the driver for distracted driving, and through the driver portal, can reward the driver for safe driving. As a result, the driver experiences effortless change as the app locks/unlocks automatically during driving. The LifeSaver solution strives for great working products that are also widely available and free to use. We don't believe in barriers like undue costs or extra hardware required to solve the problem. Free is better. Let's solve the problem.
Is LifeSaver available for iPhone?
Yes! LifeSaver is now available in iTunes! And when configured correctly, you will find it works better than others do. That said, developer restrictions cause the iPhone solution to work a little differently than Android to lock the device, so make sure you follow the in-app tutorial describing these settings, and you're good to go! lifesaver-app.com/home/iphoneconfig.
LifeSaver uses GPS. Does that drain the battery?
LifeSaver is designed for the efficient use of GPS to conserve the phone’s battery. GPS needs to be left on at all times, but don’t worry! LifeSaver only uses GPS as needed and puts it to sleep when the phone is at rest. A typical phone needs to be charged only once per day, and we are always improving and fine tuning because we know battery life is important.
What is the LifeSaver Challenge?
Challenge your driver to go without unlocking the app more than once a day, then once a week, and so on. You will find that LifeSaver is very effective at teaching drivers a new behavior - focusing on the road and not on their phones - which then becomes second nature.
What are LifeSaver Rewards?
LifeSaver recognizes teen drivers may need an additional ‘nudge’ to encourage safe driving, so LifeSaver implements an innovative rewards system within our Driver Portal. Parents can setup monthly rewards which are tied to safer, non-distracted driving; then the Driver Portal scores these rewards automatically. Parents choose rewards that work for their teen driver, and we'll take it from there!
Are any apps excluded from being locked by LifeSaver?
LifeSaver allows the driver to receive hands-free, inbound calls and to hear Maps/Navigation while driving. All other apps are disallowed by LifeSaver during driving unless the driver becomes a passenger and clicks the 'Passenger Unlock' button. For both Android and iPhone, parents should set the navigation before their teen drives to eliminate this common distraction.
Can LifeSaver be unlocked in Emergencies?
Through the app settings, the loved one can enable the driver to have an ‘Emergency Unlock’ (Android) and 'Emergency Call' (iOS) features. If the driver uses these emergency features while driving, the unlock is logged and text notification is sent to the loved one.
What if the Driver wants to use his/her LifeSaver-protected phone as a Passenger?
If the driver becomes a passenger, he may use the ‘Passenger Unlock’ feature. In this case, the phone remains unlocked for the duration of the trip, the unlock is logged, and a text notification is sent to the loved one monitoring the use or abuse of this feature. Our studies show teens will rarely abuse this feature since parents are very aware when the teen is driving and when he is not. If the feature is abused, the parent can remove the capability to do passenger unlocks. Visibility of any abuse is seen in your Driver Portal.
How fast does LifeSaver lock and unlock?
The phone will be locked as quickly as 3-4 seconds when driving starts. When driving stops, LifeSaver can unlock just as quickly, or it can be configured to unlock up to 60 seconds (Android) after driving stops to discourage phone access at stoplights.
Can LifeSaver be disabled or GPS be turned off by the Driver?
If the driver disables GPS, LifeSaver will send the loved one a notification, another example of the ‘monitoring’ aspects of LifeSaver. Using the Driver Portal, parents have the visibility to know if LifeSaver is still installed and running because each driver’s LifeSaver app reports back to the parents’ portal.
Do I need a data plan for LifeSaver to work?
Yes. The driver must have a data plan for LifeSaver to work properly and report information to your dashboard. You should plan on upgrading for a data plan prior to using LifeSaver.
What is the Driver Portal for LifeSaver?
Our Driver Portal is a dashboard that provides a very simple method to better understand distracted driving behavior and to provide rewards to help teen drivers break the distraction habit. Parents can simply register on the Driver Portal and invite teens directly. The teens will get a text message to install the app and be automatically linked to the parent's portal. It's never been easier to get the family working together to solve the danger of distracted driving.
Can I use the Driver Portal dashboard on my phone without installing LifeSaver?
Yes! 1. Open your mobile browser and login to your account on portal.lifesaver-app.com. 2. On iPhone use the share feature on the bottom of browser and select 'Add to Home Screen'. This will create an icon on your mobile desktop, which is your one-click access to your LifeSaver dashboard. The steps are similar for Android ... you can add to home screen from the menu in the upper right of the chrome browser. In addition, if you set your browser settings to remember password the user and password are defaulted for you, making it easy to go straight to the dashboard on your mobile device.
Why don't I seem to be getting Arrival Notifications?
LifeSaver needs your data plan on and needs access to the device location to work properly. When the iPhone app is installed you be prompted “Allow LifeSaver to access your locations even when you’re not using the app?” The response to this must be ‘Always’ for LifeSaver to report Arrival notifications.

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