low cost commercial auto insurance

An Easy Path to Low Cost Commercial Auto Insurance

By Alan Mann | September 5, 2023

For less than 1% of the cost of your annual commercial auto insurance, you can have fewer accidents and pave the way towards more affordable fleet insurance. With the future of commercial auto insurance becoming more challenging every day, corporate … Continue reading

measuring phone distraction

3 Reasons Why Measuring Phone Distraction is Not Good Enough

By Alan Mann | August 14, 2023

Cell phone distraction and driving is one of the areas fleets should focus on to improve their safety and insurability moving forward. With the advent, popularity, and frankly, clear and growing addiction to cell phones, driver interaction with their phone … Continue reading

grey fleet management

Grey Fleet Management: How to Manage Risk from Grey Fleet Drivers

By Alan Mann | July 11, 2023

When an employee drives their personal vehicle for company business, the company has risk exposure and liability whether or not they provide the vehicle.  In many ways, risk management is more challenging since the fleet does not own the vehicle. … Continue reading

cell phone addiction

The Science Behind Cell Phone Addiction

By Alan Mann | February 22, 2023

Key Takeaways Cell phone addiction is purposeful by design. Technologists have been highly effective at creating an addictive environment for cell phone users. Cell phone misuse is vastly underestimated. Studies have shown that driver distraction — especially cell phone distraction … Continue reading

commercial auto insurance

Why Companies Face Significant Fleet Insurance Challenges

By Alan Mann | October 27, 2022

Every commercial fleet has a significant problem now and a growing problem in the future regarding the availability and cost of fleet insurance. This problem continues a negative pattern many years in the making. If you are fortunate enough to … Continue reading

cost of speeding

The True Cost of Speeding for Commercial Fleets

By Alan Mann | October 13, 2022

Key Takeaways on Cost of Speeding for Fleets Fleets should be focused on minimizing the impact of excessive speeding in a commercial vehicle, which negatively impacts fuel efficiency as well as driving risk and accidents, and ultimately, the availability and … Continue reading

JNUC 2022: Check out Jamf + LifeSaver Mobile’s “DND While Driving” Solution

By Tim Buski | September 19, 2022

The world’s largest gathering of corporate IT administrators focused on Apple devices is just around the corner. JNUC 2022 (Jamf Nation User Conference) this year brings together the brightest minds in the Apple ecosystem to exchange their ideas and best … Continue reading

reducing fuel costs

Reducing Fleet Fuel Costs with Speed Management

By Alan Mann | August 17, 2022

Fleet fuel efficiency is defined as “a measure of how much a vehicle will convert energy in fuel to kinetic energy to travel”. The opportunity for fleet fuel management is that driving at lower speeds, especially as speed exceeds 50 … Continue reading

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Safety Solutions for Fleet Vehicles

By Alan Mann | July 7, 2022

There are many viable safety solutions for fleet vehicles to improve driver behavior and lessen the probability of an accident.  All of these fleet safety products can help to varying degrees and at differing price points.  To get the most … Continue reading