“A Solution to the Epidemic of Distracted Driving”

Several years ago, Ted Chen W’87, L’91 and his buddy Mike Demele both had sons approaching driving age. The Silicon Valley dads had been contemplating a side project in app development, when they had a eureka moment: to create an … Continue reading

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Why LifeSaver is the Perfect Fleet Safety Solution

Attending the NSC Expo a few weeks back proved to be a huge success for LifeSaver. Meeting companies from all around the world helped us realize how interested companies are in keeping their employees safe. We were more than excited … Continue reading

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Buzz Free Driving Night, 8/5/16

Back in August, our team at LifeSaver had the opportunity to help spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving at the San Jose Earthquakes home game. Distracted driving includes, talking on your cell phone, texting, and looking at apps. … Continue reading

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Texting and Driving: The Distraction Isn’t Worth It

Nowadays, almost everyone has some sort of mobile gadget or device in their hands at some point throughout the day. Such devices have certainly increased in popularity over the years, and as a result of this increased usage, more accidents … Continue reading

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Combining Appreciative Inquiry and App Support to Reduce Distracted Driving

The US CDC tallies that every single day, more than 8 million and over 1,000 more are injured in the country due to accidents involving a distracted driver. What’s worse, it was found that drivers aged under 20 years old … Continue reading

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Is Tesla’s Autopilot a step in the right direction?

As we reported this morning, the NHTSA is launching an investigation into a fatal accident involving a Tesla being driven in Autopilot. Is the incident a lesson in distracted driving or a a flaw in Autopilot? While the NHTSA has yet to … Continue reading

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6 smart tips to help prevent distracted driving and make car rides safer for families

With the busy travel season upon us and so many families planning spring and summer road trips, keeping our kids safe while we’re driving and preventing distracted driving is a huge concern of ours. Of course, you don’t necessarily need … Continue reading

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4 apps that stop texting and driving – INCLUDING OURS!

Texting and driving causes more than 1.6 million crashes every year, including 11 deaths every single day, accounting for 25 percent of all car accidents. To make matters worse, texting and driving is now an epidemic and most teens don’t think it’s a … Continue reading

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Keep Your Driving Family Safe and Connected

LifeSaver answers the age old questions ‘Are you Driving’ and ‘Did you Arrive’ without having to call or text a loved one. See how below…  

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Introducing the Internet of Things

Trying to get fit? You can track your activity levels through a smartphone to monitor movements, locations, and workouts throughout the day. Want to make your home more energy efficient? Smart thermostats like the Nest use sensors, weather forecasts, and … Continue reading

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