How to Add the Farmers/LifeSaver Button …

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To Your Desktop Email Signature

  1. SELECT the Farmers/LifeSaver button by dragging your cursor over the button image above.
  2. COPY (Control-C) and PASTE (Control-V) the button to your email signature window in your email settings page.  (HINT: Do not right click to Copy, since the “right-click” Copy function makes you choose between “Copy Image” or “Copy Image URL”.)  We recommend pasting this button at the bottom of your signature block.
  3. Save your email settings, and you’re done!


To Your iPhone Email Signature

  1. Send an email from your iPhone to
    You should receive an automated email response from us shortly.
  2. Open the email with the button image. Initiate an email forward of this email. You won’t be sending it to anyone.
  3. Scroll down the email until you see the button image. Press the button image until you can choose SELECT to select the image:phone-1
  4. Once the image is selected, choose
  5. Once the image is copied, navigate to SETTINGS | Mail, Contacts, Calendars |
  6. Add the appropriate text information and then press the screen until you receive the option to PASTE the copied picture into the signature.
  7. Exit out of SETTINGS, and you’re done!