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Finally, a simple, cost-effective Distracted Driving Solution for corporations and fleets

  • What are LifeSaver customers are saying?

    “We went from 2-3 fender benders / month to ZERO” – A&B Electric

    “LifeSaver greatly reduced crashes”Ivey Mechanical

  • Why do fleet operators choose LifeSaver? 

    • We change the culture of distracted driving without lowering employee productivity
    • Our software only solution is cost-effective and easy to deploy
    • Lower insurance costs, less employee injuries and avoid nuclear verdicts
    • Drivers self-correct their behavior, and you see the results in your fleet dashboard
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See how simple it is to use.

Here are some of the features of our Corporate/Fleet solution …

  • insurers-01Distracted Driving features:
    • Modifies Driving Behavior
      Our smartphone apps automatically lock at driving speed, conserve battery life, and require no additional hardware.
  • fleet-iconFleet Ready features:
    • Simple Deployment
      Use your Fleet Portal to invite your employees to install our smartphone app. Once the app is installed, your employee’s phone is automatically connected to your Fleet Portal. Simple over-the-air deployment and no hardware required!
    • Fleet Administration
      Your Fleet Portal also provides you with policy management and supports the administration of multiple groups within your company.
  • Reporting features:
    • Daily ReportsDaily summary sent via email to all corporate safety officers with a list of violations and inactivity for the period requested.
    • Custom AnalyticsCustom reporting options are also available upon request for an additional fee.

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Driver Portal Deploy to Your Drivers in Seconds
Driver Portal View Your Driver Performance
Distracted Driver Receive Daily Compliance Report

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Driver Portal

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