My Safe Driving Campaign!

Group Of Teenage Pupils With Teacher Outside Classroom

Parents, Teens, Educators do something REAL this week to engage teens to use LifeSaver and start driving 23 Times Safer.

Your goal: Encourage 10 or more friends to use LifeSaver for one week. Then win free Starbucks, iTunes, and/or Amazon gift cards! Earn one $10 e-card for every 10 who participate. Up to $50! And we do most of the work for you!

Step 1 – Easy Sign Up

Simply register here. Within a few hours we’ll create your free personal campaign website!

Your website will have all the content needed for your ‘Safe Driving Campaign’ including the free LifeSaver download for participants. See example website!

Step 2 – Start your safe driving campaign

Share the website with your friends though email or Facebook to start your campaign. They can install the app and be started within minutes.

if you prefer we can provide you with a ‘reach out’ letter for Parents/Teens explaining your campaign.

Step 3 – Do a ‘check point’ Survey

After one+ weeks ask your friends to finish a quick online survey. Once confirmed we will send you up to $50 of e-gift cards! (Earn one $10 e-card for every 10 who participate. Up to $50).

It’s called a ‘check point’ since we want people to use LifeSaver as long as they need help curbing texting and driving behavior.

We believe our LifeSaver technology is a ‘game changer’ for combating Distracted Driving. Join us!

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