Why LifeSaver currently works differently on iOS 10

The LifeSaver lock screen feature continues to fully block screen access at driving speed for iPhones running on iOS 9.  iOS 10 has changed things, at least temporarily.  In iOS 10, Alert-style notifications are limited to the banner-style presentation shown here:

In iOS 10, this safety reminder is presented at driving speed, but currently does not fully block screen access as in iOS 9.  This said, LifeSaver does provide several additional features to detect and report inappropriate use of the phone.   Here are the full benefits:

  • Safety Reminder:  LifeSaver deters device use with the “Keep Your Eyes on the Road” banner, providing a partial screen block.
  • Driver Accountability:  Parents can monitor unlocks and cell phone ‘usage violations’ to detect inappropriate behavior such as keeping the display on for prolonged periods of time.
  • Silencing Notifications:  This feature silences the distracting ‘buzzing’ or ‘pinging’ from text messages and other notifications that frequently leads to phone use.
  • Remote Control:  You can set and passcode lock your driver’s LifeSaver settings from the portal.
  • Peace of Mind:  Arrival notifications give you peace of mind when your driver arrives safely, and reminds you they are safer on the road.

The LifeSaver team is committed to reinstating a blocking feature for iOS 10.  In the meantime, we commit to providing the best solution possible without the need for additional hardware.


Thank you for choosing LifeSaver!