LifeSaver for iOS 10 and iOS 11

The LifeSaver lock screen feature continues to fully block screen access at driving speed for iPhones running on iOS 9.  

With iOS 10 and iOS 11, an Alert-style notifications are not longer possible and instead a banner-style notification is presented when using the phone inappropriately (inside the lock screen) while driving..   This safety reminder and partial block is presented automatically at driving speed and is reported in the drivers score (Display Violation) after some time if the user continues to attempt phone usage.

Starting in iOS 11 (Anticipated in Fall 2017) Apple is introducing a new complimentary ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature.   While it’s ‘optional’ for the driver, this is great news for LifeSaver users because iOS DND While driving enables some new capabilities App companies could only provide on Android.   These ‘optional’ iOS features includes:

  • Automatic locking (outside the passcode lock screen only)
  • Full capture and silencing of inbound notifications (outside the passcode lock screen)
  • Optional Auto-replying to inbound notifications

These iOS 11 features are a great addition, but for Fleets and Parents the addition of LifeSaver offers the complete solution.   Here are the LifeSaver benefits with (or without) iOS 11:   

  • Safety Reminder inside the passcode lock screen:  LifeSaver deters device use with the “Keep Your Eyes on the Road” banner, providing a partial screen block inside the iPhone passcode lock screen.   iOS 11 will provide a block only outside the passcode lock screen which can be circumvented without supervision. 
  • Driver Accountability scoring:  Parents and Fleet managers can monitor unlocks and cell phone ‘usage violations’ to detect inappropriate behavior such as keeping the display on for prolonged periods of time.   Scoring makes drivers accountable and changes behavior. 
  • Remote Control:  For fleets you can deploy policy remotely to all devices.   For parents you can set and passcode lock your driver’s LifeSaver settings directly from the Driver portal.
  • Manage by Exception (Fleets) :  Daily exception reports call out drivers with habitual problems using the phone while driving.   With iOS 11 DND While Driving feature alone this remains an ‘unknown’ since iOS 11 includes no reporting.
  • Peace of Mind (Parents):  Arrival notifications give you peace of mind when your driver arrives safely, and reminds you they are safer on the road.   You can now setup two parents for arrival notifications within ‘My Settings’ of the Driver Portal.

The LifeSaver team is committed to the best possible experience and added value for iOS 10 and iOS 11 iPhone users.  We also commit to providing the best solution possible without the need for additional hardware.


Thank you for choosing LifeSaver!