LifeSaver Configuration Cheat Sheet

Wizard Questions Options Meaning Recommendation
How Restrictive should locking/unlocking be?
  1. Very Restrictive
  2. Moderately Restrictive
  3. Less Restrictive
This option provides basic setup for how fast the phone will unlock and if Emergency Unlock button is allowed Less Restrictive provides for more responsive unlocking and ‘emergency unlock’.  Good for trusted drivers who have occasional texting problems.
Allow unlocking as a passenger?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Allows for Passenger Unlock when ‘not’ the driver and notifies monitor If Teen frequently needs to use phone as a passenger then enable the setting and monitor for abuse.
Person monitoring the driver? Select cell phone number Allows for Parent to monitor emergency unlocks and passenger unlocks Select the mother or father as the monitor.   Or you can set it up as yourself to help curb your own habit.    This can also be a bargaining point with Teen if there is resistance to parent monitoring.
Earn Rewards for Safe Driving?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Allows the Teen to win free $10 eGift cards such as Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon.  The more they drive safe and refer LifeSaver to others the more chance they have to win each month Recommend ‘Yes’ if your Teen likes ‘free stuff’!
Advanced Settings: Options Meaning Recommendation
LifeSaver Awake ‘From’ and ‘Until’ hours AM and PM values The setting controls when to be fully ‘Awake’ and checking for driving.   This allows for slightly better battery consumption of ‘off times’ The default is 7:00AM to 9:00PM Settings should be increased if your Teen is typically out driving beyond 9PM
Passcode Lock
  1. On
  2. Off
Allows the parent to passcode lock settings so Teen can’t disable Recommended for all to prevent turning LifeSaver off.
Unlock after stopping (in seconds) From 1 to 120 seconds Controls how fast LifeSaver will unlock when the vehicle stops. Less restrictive wizard setting defaults this to 3 seconds, which can be increased here.   This is a tradeoff between responsive unlocking the ability to stay locked during short stops such as stop lights and stop signs.