LifeSaver Short Explainer Videos

These short videos answer some of the more common questions surrounding safer ways to use your mobile phone while driving (when you must).   These pointers can also help you avoid LifeSaver usage violations which lower your score.

The “Do” list.  Safer ways to use your mobile phone while driving:

  1. Set your iPhone display timeout to 2 minutes or less.                           Screen
  2. Using Apple Maps outside the iPhone lock screen.                               Video
  3. Making hands free phone calls with Siri.                                                Video

The “Don’t” list.   These actions trigger LifeSaver violations and lower your score:

  1. Passcode Unlock Violations (Avoid unlocking your iPhone)                  Video
  2. Display Violations (Avoid “Keep Your Eyes on the Road”)                     Video
  3. Navigate Violations (Avoid navigating away from LifeSaver)                 Video