Changing Your Safety Culture with Distracted Driving Technology

LifeSaver Mobile changes your company's culture of distracted driving by automatically detecting drives and blocking cell phone use without additional hardware. Prevent fleet distracted driving & protect drivers with our fleet distracted driving technology.

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We've seen a 50% drop in annual fleet insurance claims after we started using LifeSaver. Our drivers are now fully aware that we take this seriously and we're all in this together.

Our proactive approach to fleet safety with systems like LifeSaver has helped increase our productivity and has helped lower our insurance premiums.

It's easy to deploy, taking just minutes to have drivers up and running. It allows safety officers to see who's compliant and allows for driver productivity since navigation and hands-free calls are okay. Most importantly, LifeSaver can reduce distracted driving immediately.

We didn't want any of our employees to be the cause of any personal pain or loss to themselves or to others in our communities. As we've seen all too many times, even a single distracted driving collision can have a devastating impact on many lives.

Platform Features for Fleet Safety

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  • Auto Detects Driving

  • Closed Loop Driver Feedback

  • Easy on Your Battery

  • Fast Locking and Unlocking

  • Allows for Hands-free Calls and Maps

  • Speeding Alerts

  • No Hardware Required

  • Deploys Instantly from the Cloud

  • Low Effort to Manage

  • Hours of Operation

  • App Health Check

  • Call Reporting & Blocking

Distracted Driving Solution Reviews


"Distracted Driving"

Overall: Our main objective for using Lifesaver was defensive driving by avoiding distractive driving. Lifesaver helped us accomplish this.
Pros: Lifesaver is very easy to deploy and implement. With a little instruction, users are up and going quickly.
Cons: There is not much to dislike since the app has evolved considerable since our initial deployment. One caution I can suggest is for anyone thinking about deployment in a large organization, make sure to plan your fleets and assign specific safety coordinators that know policies and procedures to follow when addressing user violations.
-Donald T.

"Highly Recommend"

Overall: The setup went great and I have had nothing but good things to say about the support.
Pros: I like the fact that I can see where the drivers are but also that I don't have to check it every day. The alerts are sent to our managers to address with our drivers but I can look at them as well.
Cons: It works great. There has been some issues with it notifying our techs that they need to keep their eyes on the road.
-Lisa D.

"Compiles a Monthly Score"

Pros: I like that it compiles a monthly score. I also like the ability to see if the app has been deleted from the device.

Cons: I have heard complaints from drivers that the map is not always accessible when utilizing GPS. I also wish that you could see an easier unlock report. The unlocks are shown on a map of where the unlock occurred. While this is a great feature, I would also like to see a list option to easier see dates and time stamps.

-Dana L.


"How Easy Can it Get"

Overall: Changing our employees behavior and making them aware of their bad behaviors
Pros: The ease of use and the support that we needed
Cons: None, it was exactly what we were looking for.
-David E.

"Improve fleet safe driving habits without costly investment"

Pros: Configuration and deployment is a snap. Add location, add driver, send SMS to enroll the device. Done. Reports are clean, and can be scheduled. Easy to remove, or update driver info as needed. Development team continues to add features.
Cons: Honestly, there is a learning curve, as with any software. The best advice I can offer is to use it, learn it, and everything makes sense.
-Marty R.

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