You Care Enough to Record Unsafe Driving with Fleet Dash Cams.

Now Let's Prevent It.

Easy to deploy cell blocking solution to complement your fleet dash cam with no additional hardware to install in the vehicle.

We keep your employees and others on the road safe by blocking cell phone use while driving.

What are Fleet Dash Cams and How are They Used?

A fleet dash cam is a hardware technology that records driving video and audio of a fleet vehicle in motion. Some fleet dash cams are front-facing and capture events outside the fleet vehicle, while others record the driver side as well. Fleet dash cams are either mounted to the vehicle dashboard, inside the windshield or attached to the rearview mirror.

Fleet managers deploy fleet dash cams to protect their fleet drivers in the case of accidents to help prevent at-fault collisions and provide driver protection in fleet insurance claims.

CCTV car camera for safety on the road accident

Cell Blocking Complements your Fleet Dash Cam Solutions

  • Prevention > Detection: Partnering cell blocking with fleet dash cams can mitigate distracted driving behaviors captured by cameras
  • Proactive safety means less coaching of drivers on how to use in-vehicle hardware
  • Phone distraction is hard to prevent through audible alerts
  • Alert fatigue is a real issue that fleet dash cams can capture but not prevent
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Some Fleets Cannot Use Dash Cam Solutions

  • Employee resistance (big brother)
  • Union resistance
  • Government restrictions
  • Fleets with smaller budgets
  • No resources to review video capture from fleet dash cams
  • No resources to coach drivers on how to use dash cam solutions
Cameras are not for everyone

Why is Driver Safety so Important?

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#1 Cause of Auto

Insurance studies indicate that distracted driving is the #1 cause of vehicle collisions.

company brand

Company Brand
& Reputation

Litigation and nuclear verdicts in excess of $10 million are becoming more common.

Transportation is Riskiest

Transportation is

Calculate Your Company's Risk

Our customers experience a 25-50%
reduction in at-fault collisions

    • Protect your employees from distracted driving injuries
    • Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop
    • Lower your exposure to nuclear verdicts and settlements

Calculate how much your business can save with LifeSaver Mobile

Stop phone distraction to
reduce at-fault collisions.

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