For Channel Partners

Driver safety is one of the top pain points for companies that operate commercial fleet vehicles. LifeSaver Mobile is a commercial driver safety solution that is 100% software and easy for partners to upsell to their existing accounts and use to create new customer relationships.

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How You Can Partner


Referral Partner

Referral partners can stay focused on their primary products/services and refer over the prospect for the LifeSaver Mobile team to lead the sales process, billing, implementations, installations, and ongoing support.


Reseller Partner

Of course, we’re here to support you, in the background, allowing you to be the go-to resource for your customers. Our reseller partners have the bandwidth on their team to own the sales, marketing, implementation & servicing process with their customers.

Benefits to Your Customer

  • LifeSaver is complementary to your customer’s fleet telematics and fleet dash cam solutions
  • LifeSaver is simple to deploy since there's no hardware
  • LifeSaver corrects driver behavior in cab so there's less coaching later
  • LifeSaver is configurable to your customer's cell phone policy
  • LifeSaver is very affordable for your customer

Benefits to You

  • Generate Recurring Revenue
  • Help Solve your Customers' Driver Safety Challenges
  • Offer Innovative Technology
  • Increase Customer Loyalty

What Markets Use
Distracted Driving Technology?

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Partner with Confidence


Software, not Hardware.
Simplicity, not Headaches.

No dongles • No beacons • No hassles

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Protecting Fleet Safety, Preserving Driver Autonomy

Real-Time Alerts • Exception Reporting

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Rapid Deployment, Efficient Onboarding

2 week onboarding time

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Proactive, Preemptive, and Affordable

Preventive • Cost-effective


Flexibility and Support

12-month subscriptions

Join our existing partners by improving driver safety
for your customers

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