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Finally, a Connected Driver solution that your policyholders will use

  • Cell phone distracted driving causes over 25% of U.S. auto collisions and over $33 billion annually in insurance claims.
  • Your personal and commercial auto loss ratios are suffering from the steady increase in frequency and severity of claims from distracted driving.
  • LifeSaver for Insurers is a brandable, measurable, turnkey solution that auto insurers are using to effectively discourage their policyholders from distracted driving.

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See how simple it is to use.

Here are some of the features included in LifeSaver …

  • insurers-01Distracted Driving features:
    • Modifies Driving Behavior Our smartphone apps automatically lock at driving speed, conserve battery life, and require no additional hardware.
    • Easy Deployment Our Driver Portal and mobile dashboard make it simple for policyholders to use without any agent assistance.
  • insurers-03 Family Safety features:
  • insurers-02Enterprise features:
    • Smartphone Telematics Miles driven, drive locations, drive times and much more. Now you can get all of this info just by deploying our smartphone app to your policyholders. No more hardware hassles.
    • Partner BrandingBranding opportunities create an emotional bond with your policyholders.
Driver Portal

Insurer Benefits

  • —Improve loss ratios by decreasing auto claims from distracted driving (over 25% of crashes)
  • Use “peace of mind” as a more effective incentive to drive policyholder adoption
  • —Build emotional bond with policyholders through frequent branding opportunities


Driver Portal

Why choose LifeSaver?

  • Our app is simple for your policyholders to use, locks automatically, and requires no hardware.
  • Our in-app dashboard and branded notifications provide peace of mind features beyond the reduction of distracted driving.
  • Our B2B platform is white-label ready.  And allows for compliance tracking.
  • Our aggregate driver analytics provides valuable insight into driving behavior without the privacy concerns associated with UBI/telematics solutions.