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Finally, a smartphone distracted driving solution for driver safety that your policyholders will use

  • Cell phone distracted driving causes over 25% of U.S. auto collisions and over $33 billion annually in insurance claims.

  • Your commercial auto insurance loss ratios are suffering from the steady increase in frequency and severity of claims from distracted driving and speeding.

  • LifeSaver Mobile distracted driving technology for Fleet Insurers is a simple, measurable, turnkey solution that auto insurers are using to effectively discourage their policyholders from distracted driving and speeding.
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Benefits for Fleet Insurers

  • Improves loss ratios by decreasing commercial auto and workers' compensation claims arising from phone distraction and speeding
  • Simple, no-hardware solution for your insureds to deploy
  • Ability to audit your insureds' usage and compliance
  • Our fleet driver analytics can be used as a Usage Based Insurance tool for underwriting

See how simple it is to use.

Here are some of the features included in LifeSaver Mobile

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Distracted Driving features:

  • Modifies Driving Behavior
    Our smartphone apps automatically block screen use and/or phone calls at driving speed and require no additional hardware.
  • Easy Deployment
    Our administrative portal makes it simple for your insureds to deploy our app to their employee phones at scale.

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Speeding features:

  • Real-time Verbal Warnings to Drivers
    Drivers receive verbal warnings when they exceed speed thresholds (posted and/or maximum limits) established in the administrative portal.
  • Strong Motivation to Slow Down
    Drivers who don't slow down after hearing the verbal warning will receive a violation on their monthly driver score.
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Enterprise features:

  • Smartphone Telematics
    Miles driven, drive locations, drive times and much more. Now you can get all of this information just by deploying our smartphone app to your policyholders. No more hardware hassles.
  • Partner Branding
    Your loss control team can view anonymized driver performance for each of their accounts from our Insurance Partner Portal.

Calculate Your Policyholder's Risk From Distracted Driving

Our customers experience a 25-50%
reduction in at-fault collisions

    • Protect your employees from distracted driving injuries

    • Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop

    • Lower your exposure to nuclear verdicts and settlements

Calculate how much your policyholder can save with LifeSaver Mobile

Stop phone distracton to
reduce at-fault collisions.