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Do Not Disturb While Driving for the Enterprise
Restrict Apple® device usage behind the wheel with no beacons or dongles

We keep your employees and others on the road safer by blocking cell phone use while driving.

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How the LifeSaver Mobile + Jamf solution works

Jamf in conjunction with LifeSaver Mobile can help mitigate this risk for its members. By integrating together, admins can now enforce mobile device policy behind the wheel on Apple devices. From enforcing behavior notifications to locking the device, your employees and your business can be safer.

LifeSaver Mobile focuses on crash prevention by automatically detecting drives and blocking the ability to text and use non-approved apps. All without having to install any additional hardware in the vehicle.

Why is Driver Safety so Important?

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#1 Cause of Auto

Insurance studies indicate that distracted driving is the #1 cause of vehicle collisions.1

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Company Brand & Reputation

Litigation and nuclear verdicts in excess of $10 million are becoming more common.2

Transportation is Riskiest

Transportation is

"We've seen a 50% drop in annual fleet insurance claims after we started using LifeSaver Mobile. Our drivers are now fully aware that we take this seriously and we're all in this together."

Steve B., VP-MIS
Industry: Construction Wholesale
Employees: 700 employees

Calculate your company's risk
from distracted driving

Stop distracted driving to reduce at-fault collisions.

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Learn how to create a safer driving experience for your employees

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  • Keep employees safe behind the wheel
  • Enforce company safety policies
  • Avoid increases to your fleet insurance premiums
  • Lower your exposure to nuclear verdicts and settlements

Resources: 1 Strong Tie Insurance, 2 Freight Waves, 3 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics