6 smart tips to help prevent distracted driving and make car rides safer for families

With the busy travel season upon us and so many families planning spring and summer road trips, keeping our kids safe while we’re driving and preventing distracted driving is a huge concern of ours. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to be on a long haul to to the beach or the mountains to be easily distracted; most of us are still getting phone calls, text messages, and those non-digital requests for snacks from the backseat, even when we’re just playing chauffeur to and from after-school activities.

That’s why we’re pleased to help spread the word about the new #TravelSafe campaign from our sponsor SYLVANIA, which is all about keeping families safer in their cars this summer, especially when it comes to nighttime driving.

Since we’re all for eliminating distracted driving and keeping families safe on the road any way we can, we’ve put together 6 really helpful tips to help minimize those distractions and keep your safer in your car no matter how long your trip.

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