Buzz Free Driving Night, 8/5/16

Back in August, our team at LifeSaver had the opportunity to help spread awareness about the dangers of distracted driving at the San Jose Earthquakes home game. Distracted driving includes, talking on your cell phone, texting, and looking at apps. Most people understand that it’s dangerous to drink and drive, but how many of you realize it’s just as dangerous or worse to actually text and drive?
In order to spread awareness of these distractions, we decided to partner with our friends at Chilton Auto Body, MADD and the San Jose Earthquakes. Before fans walked into the stadium to find their seats, they would notice a brand new, shiny BMW outside of the stadium. Here we encouraged people to take the Buzz Free Driving pledge by signing the car that they will not drink and drive, or drive distracted with their phone. Remember that Buzz Free Driving means NO (phone) buzzing while driving and NO driving while buzzed.  After taking the pledge, each Earthquakes fan was automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win dinner with Earthquakes and USMNT goalkeeper David Bingham. First of all, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to graffiti a brand new BMW? Not surprisingly, thousands of fans stopped to take the pledge to drive #BuzzFree!  Inside the stadium, fans were encouraged to stop by our booths to learn more about how to keep true to their newly adopted Buzz Free Driving pledge.

This campaign was a more unique approach to engaging with people that didn’t know a lot about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving and thankfully it paid off. If you want to see us at LifeSaver in action, feel free to watch the video and share it to your socials. You can take it a step further and pledge yourself to drive buzz free. If the last step is a challenge for you, you can always download our Free mobile app that actually auto-detects driving and blocks phone use behind the wheel.

Buzz Free Driving Night 2016:


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