In honor of the release of Anchorman 2 next month, I thought it’d be only fitting to post a video of one of our Distracted Driving celebrity influencers, comedian and actor David Koechner. Unlike many of the Distracted Driving prevention videos out there, Koechner approaches the topic in a much more comedic way, naturally.

When I first saw a YouTube video poking fun at people who text and drive, I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. To me, this is a serious issue and in no way should we take light of the ever-increasing problem of texting and driving. However, it occurred to me that people listen and respond to information in different ways. Personally, I am more likely to be affected by a video showing the horrors and sad outcomes of victims of texting and driving, or any other serious issue for that matter. But for someone else, it may be the comical representations that make he or she think, “Wow, I would be so embarrassed if I was caught doing that”, and perhaps, it is this type of video that will lessen someone’s temptation to text and drive.

After watching Koechner’s PSA a few times, I realized that it was his mix of overdramatic jokes, and then sudden seriousness, that made this video’s message effective, just in a different way than the emotional stories we also hear. With all this said, does this video impact you? Would seeing something like this scare you out of texting and driving or even lessen your chances of doing it? It could certainly go both ways–check out the video for yourself below.


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