How to move the needle on corporate safety in 2020

The Global Pandemic of 2020 presents unique opportunities and challenges for corporate health & safety leaders.

The opportunity is the unprecedented focus on health & safety, while the challenges are constraints on budget, resources, and social distancing requirements.

Q: How do we take advantage of this opportunity given the constraints?

A: Look for impactful safety initiatives that don’t require a lot of budget and time. Here are some ideas from a recent webinar.

Although driving is way down this year, fleet safety was and will continue to be a critical issue for companies that own or operate a fleet of vehicles. 20% of commercial vehicles will have a collision in the next 12 months, and corporate safety officers continue to list this as one of the critical areas for improvement. Given that phone distraction behind the wheel is a leading cause of crashes, mandating hands-free phone usage for your drivers can move the needle for your fleet safety metrics.

As a cell blocking solution that is cost-effective and easy to launch and manage, LifeSaver Mobile can move the needle on fleet safety. By launching this program during this unique downtime period, your fleet will be much safer when driving activity returns to its normal volumes.

Please contact us for more information on LifeSaver Mobile’s software-only approach to eliminating distracted driving.

About Ted Chen

Co-Founder, LifeSaver Mobile With two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, Ted Chen is recognized as a leader in building strategic partnerships for technology companies. LifeSaver Mobile seeks to curb the human cost of distracted driving, while giving insurance companies powerful tools to encourage responsible driving among their policyholders. Prior to LifeSaver Mobile, Chen held executive-level positions at YouSendIt, Yahoo!, Netcentives and AOL/Netscape.
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