VIDEO: Dash Cams Capture, but Don’t Prevent Distracted Driving

By: Sean Maczko, Account Executive

Pictured is a public transit driver that knows she’s being recorded on video. She is one of many drivers being “watched”. 

It doesn’t matter that fleet drivers are being watched, they are going to do what they want to do. 

Further studies show that “even though [drivers] knew they were being watched, participants in her experiments took just a couple of hours to revert to their old habits,” according to Professor Charlie Klauer, an associate professor at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.

Sadly, here is a perfect example (VIDEO). 

Best practices for fleets is to implement a “portfolio” approach when it comes to enhancing, managing, and monitoring their fleet operations. 

Telematics are great for asset tracking, dash cams are great for capturing footage for litigation, and cell blocking solutions, like LifeSaver Mobile, are great for preventing distracted driving by controlling the #1 culprit for at fault collisions – cell phones. 

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