Introducing the Internet of Things

Trying to get fit? You can track your activity levels through a smartphone to monitor movements, locations, and workouts throughout the day.


Want to make your home more energy efficient? Smart thermostats like the Nest usenest sensors, weather forecasts, and actual activity in your home to reduce monthly energy usage. 

Concerned about the safety of your home when out of town for the weekend? You can now be alerted on a mobile app when a window is broken, if someone is using the front door, and even when a light turns on in your home. weather

What do all these situations have in common you might wonder. They are all part of the Internet of Things (IoT), or rather a network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, network connectivity, that enables the collection and exchange of data.

travis_in_app_dashboardOn the consumer side, there are endless combinations of applications, and the above examples provide a glimpse into what is possible. You may not realize this, but our very own LifeSaver app creates IoT connections to its drivers using only the smartphone. For parents that are concerned about their teen’s safety on the road and safe arrival, the LifeSaver Driver Portal provides a way to view this connection. Distracted driving data is accumulated, rewards can be offered, and behavior can be changed, ultimately showing the benefits of using our solution. If you can measure something, you can improve it, and LifeSaver can do exactly that. By measuring behavior that’s specific to distracted driving (such as your number of drives, safe driving time, and emergency unlocks), our users are able to view their own driving performance and improve their unsafe driving habits.

With these IoT connections, data is able to move beyond just being stored on our computers, and is actually able to be shared between devices in order to better educate us and improve our day-to-day lives and communities.

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