LifeSaver Answers the Question “Are you driving?”

We’ve all received that “Where are you?” text or phone call while out on the road. Who are the biggest culprits of this? I’m going to guess most of us would say a mother, father, wife, husband, or any close family member. Why do they ask? Because they care. But little do we realize, it is these sorts of thoughtful interactions coming from our loved ones that are unknowingly a significant cause of the distracted driving epidemic. A recent study by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention team within the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) found that teen drivers do in fact receive the most calls from their parents, and adult drivers receive the most calls from their spouses.

LifeSaver answers the question “Are you driving?”.  We’ve recently released a new feature called In-Drive status (initially on iPhone), which lets you know if your loved ones are driving before you try texting or calling them.  Just log into your LifeSaver Driver Portal, and a red car icon will appear next to each loved one who ‘appears’ to be driving (see image below). If you see a red car, think twice about calling or texting that person.   

We were inspired by the CHOP research and findings and realized we could play a role to helping solve this dilemma.  In-Drive status and other peace of mind features are the latest examples of how LifeSaver continues to add more family safety features to our core offering … get started here.

Example of “In Drive” mode

Example of “In Drive” mode

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