Parent Testimonial: Expect the Unexpected

I am a parent of a teenage driver that uses the App called Lifesaver to prevent texting and other social media distractions when he drives.  I also have this app on my phone.  I did a lot of research on the different apps available and this one seemed to be the easiest, user friendly one that I had found. He is able to do a passenger unlock. When he does this, I receive the notice that it’s been done. When he is in someone else’s car, that’s fine. If he is driving and does this, then there will need to be some explaining done (Lol). In addition to preventing the texting while driving it also send an arrival notice to the parent when the teenage driver has arrived at their location with a link showing on a map. I’m also able to set up a monthly award for my son that he can receive each month in completing the safe, non-distracted driving.

I have been very happy with this app in the several months that I’ve been using it. I personally wish that these apps would be standard in all cell phones to eliminate the texting and other smart phone distractions. Every day I see many drivers looking down at their phone with their eyes off the road. Teenage drivers are inexperienced with everything that a driver has to be aware of in their surroundings. I’m always telling my son that he has to ‘expect the unexpected’ when driving. You can’t assume that someone is going to stop at a stop sign or make a turn if their turn signal is on. My son lost a friend in a car accident when he thought a tow truck driver was turning and pulled out in front of him. It’s this type of inexperience that young drivers have that can have very tragic results.

With all the things that you need to be paying attention to when driving, your phone is definitely NOT one of them. This app has taken a huge burden off of my shoulders and given me some peace of mind when he leaves in the car. I know that the very tempting text or twitter notification that is on his phone has been blocked and that it will be waiting for him when he arrives. It also shows him that his mom is practicing safe driving by having it on my phone. As parents we have to be role models for our children. If the child has grown up watching their mom and or dad text while driving, what is going to prevent them from not doing this?

The more exposure that these very important apps have, the better. I have no doubt that these apps have saved not only lives of the drivers, but innocent  lives of drivers and passengers that are driving alongside the person with these apps.


Patti Swoyer

Parent of a teenage driver

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