The “Best New iPhone Tech to Protect Drivers” just got better.

Our team was thrilled that LifeSaver was noted as a top rated Distracted Driving Solution in the November edition of‘s article The Best New Tech to Protect Drivers from Using Tech While Driving.   Today we’re happy to report, things just got even better. At the start of December we released our latest iPhone version of LifeSaver which we’re proud to say improves battery life by up to two times that of the previous version. It’s no trivial matter. We’d already employed significant battery savings in prior versions of our free app, but some users claimed this was “not good enough”. So we took this feedback to heart. We’ve just employed some of the most advanced location service technology available, going well beyond Apple algorithms to throttle down battery usage when the phone is in a non-driving state. In addition, our new iPhone version also includes a dashboard to see your monthly driving score. And if you’re a parent with teens, you can use the mobile or web based driver portal to monitor app usage and compliance, set up rewards, and enable arrival notifications so you know when your teen arrives safely.

Try it out and let us know what you think.  Thanks for your feedback!


The LifeSaver Team  

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