The LifeSaver Solution: The Start of Something Good

The LifeSaver Mobile Response —  By Mike Demele, Co-Founder

In her recent TechCrunch article, Smartphone Makers Need To Put An End To Distracted Driving, Sarah Perez clearly states that there are lots of apps out there, but to address the issue of distracted driving properly, it should be done at the phone’s OS (Operating System) level. In many ways, she is correct.

As the song goes, “You can’t always get what you want” …

We at LifeSaver agree that in a perfect world, Apple and Google would just step up and fix the OS to work and prevent distraction when driving. It sounds so simple. Yet even for the big dogs, they too have some dilemmas. The first dilemma is coming across like ‘big brother’ in this cyber world they created for us (“hey, hands off my social!”). The second dilemma has to do with the actual OS solution and its ability to determine driver versus passenger. It’s difficult to handle this distinction well without hardware, and extra hardware is the last thing anyone wants to spend money on. It’s like asking you to buy a car and then go out and buy a second seat belt for it. No thanks!

After 2 years fighting the current and pushing for OS changes in Apple, we finally took their slogan to heart to ‘Think Different’ and work within their framework, rather than continue the futile efforts to convince Apple to open up the OS.

With a little creativity and a lot of work (and patent pending ideas), it is possible. You can create an app that runs silently in the background and automatically presents locking capability that deters distracted driving. While seeking perfection may not be realistic, you can get pretty darn close. Our solution requires no hardware, runs in the background to ‘wake up’ automatically when driving, and lets you know if your teen is using the app or not. Oh yeah, and the app is free. Users are telling us that our app is very effective at deterring phone use while driving. Although the LifeSaver deterrence will be annoying to some users at first, you’ll start to realize that life actually goes on, even if you don’t answer every ping immediately when it comes in.  And once you get used to it, you’ll find you’ve become a much safer driver for not just yourself, but more importantly, for your loved ones and the drivers around you. LifeSaver will deter you, and that’s the start of something good.

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