Do We Really Need to Be Always On? What About Living Life?

The NY Times wrote another great article on our Distracted Life Culture. This one had to do with the annoyance of having to disrupt one’s electronic life. Read here: Disruptions: How the F.A.A., Finally, Caught Up to an Always-On Society

My take is that our “always on” culture is so prevalent and so addictive that we fight the most simple requests from turning off devices on the planes and having to turn off your phone in a movie. What happened to “being in the moment” and enjoy life. NOT your electronic one, but your real one? 🙂

I think it’s a sad commentary on how addicted we all are to electronic devices that we can’t stop reading our Kindles or doing email on our phones for 15 minutes to settle in a vehicle that’s about to hurl you into the sky and take you to an entirely different city.

Life is full of distractions, many of which should be welcomed and delightful. My fear is that if we start teaching our kids that it’s against our personal freedom to STOP, then they’ll Text & Drive, text while in meetings, text in school, and yes, be ALWAYS ON. I for one, welcome the distraction. It’s part of life and I like living the real one that I’m a part of.

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Ken Chen is San Francisco-based online marketing consultant and owner of EM Marketing. EM Marketing specializes in marketing strategy, product launches, customer acquisition, and mobile & social marketing.
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