Introducing: “The Distracted Life” Blog

As a college senior with only four classes left until I receive my undergraduate degree, I wanted to find a company to work for during the school year that would not only help me gain experience to add to my resume, but one that stands for a worthwhile cause. I think I’ve met my match.

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Co-Founders Mike Demele & Ted Chen

Life Apps is a company dedicated to providing the best technology solutions to aid the end of the distracted driving epidemic. The LifeSaver Mobile application eliminates distracted driving behavior caused by smartphones. The rise in texting and driving incidents (about 3,300 deaths a year now) and the worry we each have for our loved ones, prompted the creation of this app. Both co-founders, Ted Chen and Mike Demele, have teenage kids and suffer anxiety over their newly driving children, just as I’m sure a lot of us do.

This distracted behavior is not only occurring during our driving, however. Human beings, and more specifically this generation, are living distracted lives—lives distracted by technology. Everything we do is constantly multi-tasked with the use of a technical device. We can’t eat, study, work, socialize, or even wake up without checking our mobile phones.

So I introduce to you the LifeSaver App blog, “The Distracted Life”. We want to let all you followers out there know that life will still go on even if you forget your phone at home one day. This is your place for tips, facts, stories, relevant articles, and interesting information about the psychological and cultural process of being distracted by technology, and how to help nip these bad habits in the bud.

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