Fleet Safety during the Pandemic: How do you know?

Earlier this year our Co-Founder Ted Chen published our most popular article of the year so far titled How to Move the Needle on Corporate Safety in 2020. We decided it was time for a “Part Two” as some eye-popping statistics have been derived from the data collected over the last several months of the COVID pandemic. Let’s jump right in!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported the fatality rate spiked about 30% during the first 3 months of the pandemic.

Although miles driven are down, as well as the number of road fatalities, the rate at which people are dying in fatal crashes has increased by nearly a third this year. The reduced amount of commuters + the increase in risky driving behaviors during the COVID pandemic contribute to this spike.

This conclusion is also supported by Toronto-based Desjardins Insurance’s road safety survey that resulted in the majority of Canadians admitting that they continue to drive distracted, even in 2020.

This year has no doubt been an unprecedented year and companies have been forced to work within the social distancing guidelines laid out by the CDC; which has led to workplace-safety innovation, creativity, adaptation, and operation. Throughout this unprecedented year, there’s been an unprecedented emphasis placed on workplace safety for COVID which is a temporary issue. Proactive measures such as wearing masks have been mandated by local, state, and federal agencies but how many people do you still see not wearing masks? This isn’t about if you believe or don’t believe in wearing masks… the point is that without reinforcement… how do you know a mandated policy is being respected/complied with? Think about it, we’ll come back.

Now let’s talk about texting and driving which is not a temporary issue and getting worse. Most states have laws against texting and driving. Many states have laws mandating “hands-free” driving… but how many people do you still see driving on the road next to you with their phone in their hand swerving or slamming on the brakes to prevent rear-ending someone? Too many. Even with law enforcement patrolling and ticketing distracted drivers… the Houston Police Department still calls it an “epidemic

So when it comes to your corporate cell phone policy… how do you know your cell phone policy is being respected if you aren’t enforcing/measuring it and holding your drivers accountable?  

In other words… who or what is “policing” your cell phone policy to ensure your drivers are staying off their phones while they are driving around your logo branded company vehicles? 

I’m asking you this question now, so if you don’t have an answer right now, the next time you’re asked you can have an answer: LifeSaver Mobile.

Consider taking the following actions: 

  1. Ensure you have a strong cell phone policy mandating hands-free driving.

  2. Enforce your policy with real-time software-only technology on your Corporate-owned OR Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) reimbursed personal phones. 

  3. Ban personal devices during working hours.

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