“Highway Don’t Care”, but We Do Care

Last night the 2013 American Music Awards aired. Many interesting performances took place (check our Miley Cyrus’ cartoon cat lip-syncing and Lady GaGa’s one-of-a-kind red carpet entrance, just to name a few) and more importantly, many well-deserved awards were given. Once again, Taylor Swift cleaned up very nicely, winning not only “Favorite Female Country Artist”, but also “Artist of the Year”. Whether or not you care about these awards shows, the artists at them, or their music in general, we care because it is these celebrities that are taking a stand against distracted driving, letting their voices be heard, and I’d like to assume, that people are listening.

Back in May, Tim McGraw released his song “Highway Don’t Care” featuring our award winning star Taylor Swift and the well-known Keith Urban. Not only is this a catchy tune, but it has an extraordinary message as well. I will admit that I heard this song a while back, but never really took the time to understand the lyrics, as is true with most music a lot of us listen to. But upon seeing the music video, my feelings toward the song changed and I saw an alternate meaning behind it, one that went beyond your usual love song.

The video portion of the song was actually made in partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The goal of the video was to show the dangers of distracted driving, so the song lyrics were interpreted in such a way to do this when creating the video. The music video depicts two lovers conversing over text, one of them driving in a car. It is during this passionate text conversation that the woman drops her phone, goes to retrieve it, thus causing her car to collide with another car. A perfect example of distracted driving. To me, this video’s message is all that LifeSaver stands for. Loved ones must help loved ones. Our founders created this app to prevent our loved ones from texting and driving. If we love someone so much, why would we want to put them in danger? If the man in this video loved the woman so much, why did he text her while she was driving? If the woman loved the man so much, why did she put herself  in danger? These are all questions we must ask ourselves before being tempted to text and drive, and before we tempt others to do so as well. 



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