I Got the Perfect Holiday Gift From My Son

Each Christmas there are a select few (or many…) of us that wait until the very last minute to do our Christmas shopping. As a kid, I remember scrambling around trying to think of gift ideas for my parents, and then, my dad and I would brave the crowds at our local mall trying to find the perfect gifts for my mom (and between you and me, I still do this, even years later).

This year, LifeSaver came up for the perfect gift idea for all you last minute shoppers. Starting December 15th, we launched our Holiday Campaign. LifeSaver created unique e-cards with various holiday messages to give to loved ones. This season, instead of giving a material gift to your family member, LifeSaver wants you to give the gift of a safer you. These e-cards state the pledge that you will download LifeSaver app on your phone and stop distracted driving for the new year. It is a perfect gift for a parent, spouse, or even friend who might worry about the safety of those they care about behind the wheel. There is also the option to pledge a mutual commitment to stop distracted driving, with both the giver and receiver installing LifeSaver to keep each other safe behind the wheel. This campaign will run through the end of January, so it is not too late to give the gift of LifeSaver as a New Year’s gift to your loved ones and as part of your own New Year’s resolution.

Here is a perfect example of a mother who received the gift of LifeSaver from her son, and you and your loved ones can do the same!

My son just turned 16 a few months ago, so naturally, he wanted to get his license right away. I was scared to death to have him on the road, especially with all the distractions technology causes nowadays, not to mention the horror stories of teens texting and driving and getting in accidents. After researching ways to help my son stay safe while on the road, I discovered LifeSaver, a mobile application that automatically locks a cell phone when it senses motion in a car. The app also allows for parents to monitor their child’s driving behavior. When a teen tries to disable LifeSaver, parents would receive a notification that his or her child is taking part in unsafe driving practices. However, if the teen continues to use LifeSaver, he or she can receive rewards in the form of online gift cards for participating in safe driving.

After dropping a hint to my son about this app, I received this card from him yesterday on Christmas morning:


How cute is that?! To me, there really isn’t any better gift than one in which my son takes on the responsibility of being safe in the car. This gift also shows his leadership with his friends because he’s declaring this pledge with each drive he takes. And most of all, it takes away some of the worry I have each time he pulls out of the driveway. This gift LifeSaver provided my son facilitates this act of responsibility and I could not ask for anything more than this. 

So although Christmas has passed, LifeSaver is offering the option to give a New Year’s gift as well. Take responsibility of your own actions and take the pledge to stop distracted driving for the new year. Check out the the collection of cards to give to your loved ones, and encourage them to take the pledge too. Give the gift of a safer you for the new year and make it your resolution not to text and drive.

View the LifeSaver Holiday Campaign here.

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