Parenting in the Digital Life

With the rise of adolescent cell phone use, app developers have created a multitude of apps to better regulate kids and their devices. The problem is how to tell which of these parenting apps are the right ones for your family.  Cloudlink has solved this dilemma; they have tested dozens of parenting apps, selected the best ones available on Google Play and the Apple App Store and bundled them into an app package called 4Parents, the most comprehensive solution of parenting apps available on the market.  The 4Parents package will be pre-loaded on certain Android devices as part of this winter’s holiday shopping season.  LifeSaver is proud to be selected as one of these apps included in the 4Parents package.

Parenting in this day and age is much different. This is the first generation of parents having to deal with tech-savvy teens and the cell phone-obsessed habits that coincide. Parents are no longer equipped to parent in this “digital life” because who really knows what’s going on behind those screens.

Initially, 4Parents provides families four app solutions that will help protect and manage your children for the different stages of your children’s development: LifeSaver, Parental Board, SquareHub, and Child’s Area. LifeSaver tackles the growing problem of distracted driving (specifically, cell phone use behind the wheel), whereas the other apps focus on monitoring web activities, mobile device use, and using technology to bring families together rather than further isolate them.

We look forward to being a valuable part of the 4Parents solution!

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