LifeSaver App Prevents Distracted Driving

By Lifesaver Team | May 5, 2014

LifeSaver Mobile App Blocks Teenagers From Using Their Cellphone While Driving

By Lifesaver Team | May 4, 2014

LifeSaver Mobile App Blocks Teenagers From Using Their Cellphone While Driving Realizing their teenage sons soon would be taking to the roads as new drivers, Ted Chen and Mike Demele of San Francisco took a “leap of faith” to help … Continue reading

LifeSaver Targets Zuckerberg

By Lifesaver Team | May 3, 2014

LifeSaver Targets Zuckerberg Every innovative app needs a prominent poster child, so when LifeSaver was thinking about who to nominate, they chose none other than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Why? Because he was caught texting and driving last month. So, … Continue reading

Nutley High School Gets $1,000 to promote Safe Driving

By Lifesaver Team | May 2, 2014

Nutley High School Gets $1,000 to promote Safe Driving The Nutley High School TV Production 2 class on Friday received a crash course on the dangers of distracted driving. “If your parents are on the phone while driving, it’s actually … Continue reading

New “LifeSaver” App Prevents Texting and Driving

By Lifesaver Team | May 1, 2014

San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

Addressing the Distracted Driving Problem Here and Now

By Lifesaver Team | March 11, 2014

With the rapid increase in the adoption of smartphones, there has also been a continued increase in the number of distracted driving related accidents. While the recent introduction of connected car technologies such as Apple’s CarPlay may help to address … Continue reading

LifeSaver Takes on Apps World 2014

By Lifesaver Team | February 4, 2014

  Today we packed up our pop-up banner, business cards, table cloth, and flyers, and headed off to San Francisco to set up for Apps World 2014. Apps World events are 2 day developer events with marketing application conferences and app … Continue reading

I Got the Perfect Holiday Gift From My Son

By Lifesaver Team | December 26, 2013

Each Christmas there are a select few (or many…) of us that wait until the very last minute to do our Christmas shopping. As a kid, I remember scrambling around trying to think of gift ideas for my parents, and then, … Continue reading

“Highway Don’t Care”, but We Do Care

By Lifesaver Team | November 25, 2013

Last night the 2013 American Music Awards aired. Many interesting performances took place (check our Miley Cyrus’ cartoon cat lip-syncing and Lady GaGa’s one-of-a-kind red carpet entrance, just to name a few) and more importantly, many well-deserved awards were given. Once … Continue reading