LifeSaver Takes on Apps World 2014

By Lifesaver Team | February 4, 2014

  Today we packed up our pop-up banner, business cards, table cloth, and flyers, and headed off to San Francisco to set up for Apps World 2014. Apps World events are 2 day developer events with marketing application conferences and app … Continue reading

I Got the Perfect Holiday Gift From My Son

By Lifesaver Team | December 26, 2013

Each Christmas there are a select few (or many…) of us that wait until the very last minute to do our Christmas shopping. As a kid, I remember scrambling around trying to think of gift ideas for my parents, and then, … Continue reading

“Highway Don’t Care”, but We Do Care

By Lifesaver Team | November 25, 2013

Last night the 2013 American Music Awards aired. Many interesting performances took place (check our Miley Cyrus’ cartoon cat lip-syncing and Lady GaGa’s one-of-a-kind red carpet entrance, just to name a few) and more importantly, many well-deserved awards were given. Once … Continue reading

In a State of Distraction

By Lifesaver Team | November 14, 2013

State Farm Insurance Company conducted their 5th annual survey to examine drivers’ attitudes and behaviors related to distracted driving. Below, I split up the info-graphic which details the percentages of drivers who engage in top distracting activities while driving. Note … Continue reading


By Lifesaver Team | November 7, 2013

In honor of the release of Anchorman 2 next month, I thought it’d be only fitting to post a video of one of our Distracted Driving celebrity influencers, comedian and actor David Koechner. Unlike many of the Distracted Driving prevention videos out … Continue reading

Is it time to play ‘Phone Stack’ at the dinner table?

By Mike Demele | October 29, 2013

In my youth it was all about the TV. It was relatively easy for parents to block the TV from over use simply because there was only one, and often it was not in the same room where we were … Continue reading

Photo Contest

By nhanusek | October 23, 2013

To help spread awareness about the issue of distracted driving, LifeSaver created this photo contest to remind teen and veteran drivers alike, to “think #23”. Where ever you are and whatever form of the number 23 catches your eye, our … Continue reading

Introducing: “The Distracted Life” Blog

By Lifesaver Team | October 21, 2013

As a college senior with only four classes left until I receive my undergraduate degree, I wanted to find a company to work for during the school year that would not only help me gain experience to add to my … Continue reading

Do We Really Need to Be Always On? What About Living Life?

By Ken Chen | October 9, 2013

The NY Times wrote another great article on our Distracted Life Culture. This one had to do with the annoyance of having to disrupt one’s electronic life. Continue reading